Director: Rabbi David Assis


Tel: 08-8634304
Mobile: 055-668-4439
Department Secretary:
Jacklyn Shaer
Tel: 08-863-4207
Fax: 073-716-4207

The Education Department in the Nahal Soreq Regional Council organizes, manages, and operates all of the educational programs for the local residents. Its involvement includes early, elementary, and post-elementary formal education, and informal educational activities.

Areas of Responsibility and Authority:
Early education, including preschools and daycare
 Elementary and post-elementary schools
Adult education
Training programs and workshops in the fields of formal and informal education
 Regular operation and development of infrastructure for educational institutions
 Providing professional and organizational support to local educational personnel
Regular operation of educational logistics, including: bussing, construction of educational facilities, meal plans, and special programs in each institution

Regulations and Procedures:
 Integration Committees: Decisions regarding integration in the regional council’s institutions or placement in special education programs are based on input from educational personnel and parental agreement.
Placement Committees: Approves special education placement. The placement committee is a statuary committee that convenes in the regional council after receiving recommendations from the integration committee. The committee follows Ministry of Education guidelines.
 New procedures for submitting requests for underwriting educational and diagnostic costs.
Circular from the Ministry of Education director general about first-aid services and pupil evacuation.